Technical Service

We offer our technical team to help you locate the lamps you need, look for alternatives and spare parts, or review and overhaul of your drying system.

Our wide range of products and the possibility to manufacture any other on request, allow us to tailor our products to any need you may have.

We can supply lamps and emitters for any brand on the market:

Abbess, Adnos, Advancing Aetec, Agfa, Aktilux, Alpha-Cure, Amba, American Ultraviolet, Amjo, Aquatron, Aradiant, Argon, Argus, Barberan, BCB, Beltron, Berkey, Brewer, Burgess, BLV, Cefla, Chambon, Colight, Colordry, Comco, Distrilampe, DPL, Dubuit, Dupont, Elsemann, Eltosch, FDS, Gallus, GEW, Giardina, Happa, Hackermack, Hanovia, Heraeus, Honle, Idealquartz, Imer, Integration, IST, IVT, Iwasaki, Klemm, Kuhnast, Kammann, Klemm, Kopack, Lignacon, Mark Andy, Muller, Natgraph, Nilpeter, Nolle, Nuarc, Oce, Offset, Olec, Osmo, Osram, ORC, Philips, Polytype, Primarc, Printconcept, Rotatek, Sanjo. Sanki, SPS, SPE, Schneider, Screen, Serifasp, Siasprint, Spectral, Starna, Steinmann, Superfici, Sutter, Svecia, Sylvania, Technidry, Technigraf, Texel, Theimer, Van Keulen, Uviterno, UV Products, UVTechnology, UV Systems, VTI, Vutek, Wallace Knight...