Special lamps

Contact us if you need special lamps for other purposes not listed previously or need survey of the most suitable type of light to your requirements.

Xenon lamps

xenon lamp  

A Xenon lamp consist of a glass or quartz bulb filled with ionized xenon gas with tungsten electrodes at their ends. These lamps can be of continuous flux in long or short wave, or pulse streaming.

Its main features are instant lighting with no warm-up time, emission practically as sunlight and constant efficiency over its lifetime.

Electrodeless lamps

fusion lamp  

These microwave lamps light by means of a magnetron. As they are ignited by microwaves do not require electrodes or connection wires.

Due to the small space that occupies its installation are easily modulables to reach different lengths, since there are few in sizes. Available in various wavelengths.


fluorescent lamp   discharge lamp   hpr lamp





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